Pipe casing applications

Pipe casing applications

Protection against mechanical damage

Pipe casings are usually used for trenchless installation of new lines or sewers. The actual pipe is protected here during the installation so that its function can be guaranteed in the follow-up. Brandenburger offers a special semi-finished product for this for the protection against mechanical damage of pipes that is absolutely waterproof as well.

The following areas of application are possible:


  • Horizontal drilling
  • Burst lining
  • Auger boring technique
  • Base layer for pipe clips
  • Ground-to-air transition points

The slight shrinkage of the material during the curing process means that the material will adhere to almost every surface.


Our ready-to-install material is wrapped onto the workpiece by hand and then cured by UV light. The range of possible applications is very wide. Sensitive welding seams can be attached even full-surface to steel and plastic pipes for instance.


The material can be cured by UV lamps or exposure to sunlight. Wall thicknesses up to 8 mm can be cured by sunlight. The cure time for a wall thickness of one millimetre is just one minute.


The pliability of BBprotect makes it very adaptable, ideal for evening out uneven surfaces. It can also be used to connect different materials, is resistant to chemicals, and is completely waterproof.


In situations where high indentation, abrasion and impact resistance is a must, BBprotect provides the optimal protection.

  • GFRP prepreg is manufactured ready-to-install
  • Easy handling at the construction site due to pre-impregnation
  • Highly adaptable
  • Excellent curing speed
  • High durability allows for minimal wall thicknesses
  • Environmentally friendly processes, as chemical additives are unnecessary
  • No pipe casing necessary during curing

BB Protect