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Johannes Buß

Dipl.-Ing., Managing Director

Waltrud Sternfeld-Müller

Assistant to the Managing Director

John Weickert

Head of Marketing & Sales

Dominic Nagel

Cert. Sewer Rehab. Consultant (VSB),
Deputy Head of Sales, Sales worldwide

Maximilian Klapdohr

Sales Southern Germany

Carlo Murinni

Sales France & Italy, french speaking Switzerland, French Canada

Marcello Leonardi

Sales Southern Europe

Norbert Osterhoff

Sales Northern Germany, Northern Europe, United Kingdom

Peter Duttenhöfer

Dipl.-Ing., Research and Development

Milan Ebeling

Research and Development

Gerrit Foerster

Research and Development

Daniel Schuster

Certified Sewer Rehabilitation Consultant (VSB),
Head of Application Engineering

Ronny Siegel

Technical Support

Jörg Steinhagen

Technical Support

Robert Hübler

Technical Support

Rico Schwabe

Rico Schwabe

Technical Support

Stefan Blenke

Management Manhole Rehabilitation