Waste heat recovery


Thermal energy recovery

Waste heat recovery is a collective term for processes for recovering thermal energy that otherwise may be lost. Recovery systems are state of the art nowadays. They utilise the waste heat / cooling of process water or wastewater to support or replace condensing boilers. In the winter, this can be used for heating up and in the summer, this can be used for cooling down. The primary power consumption of a building can be minimised by waste heat recovery systems.


Wastewater is full of energy. Wastewater is an attractive source of heat for the continuous and efficient operation of heat pumps since the heat source is available during the winter as well as summer. Temperatures of 12-20 °C, good performance figures and maintenance friendliness with a COP of 4 to 5 make it possible for the heat pump to utilise the energy of the building in combination with the heat exchanger.