Manhole rehabilitation

Manhole rehabilitation with the BB2.5 VERTICAL

Brandenburger Liner sets new standards in manhole rehabilitation with the UV-curing GRP manhole liner BB2.5VERTICAL. The liner, which is delivered to the construction site by the metre, can be completely installed within 2 hours. Due to the expansion, the liner automatically adapts to the geometry of the manhole, eliminating the need for time-consuming prefabrication. The berm is also lined in one step. To achieve a tight overall system, the interfaces to the main channel are then designed with hand laminate. Efficient curing technology and a small footprint on the construction site make the BB2.5 VERTICAL the optimal minimally invasive solution for manhole lining.

More than 700 manholes rehabilitated throughout Europe with the Brandenburger BB2.5 VERTICAL already demonstrate the great experience in the field. With over 50 installation tests carried out in its own test field, Brandenburger Liner has fully mastered the technology. Thus, the BB2.5 VERTICAL achieves a wall thickness of at least 4.3 mm for resistance to 1.5 m water column in a process-safe manner and therefore offers a reliable manhole lining.