Manhole liner BB2.5 VERTICAL


Innovative shaft rehabilitation

As the first and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of UV CIPP we have used our experience to develop an innovative method for manhole rehabilitation. Our Brandenburger manhole liner reduces logistical effort for our customers at the jobsite and allows an efficient as well as a holistic rehabilitation of the sewer network including manholes and sewers.

The result is our latest development: the Brandenburger BB2.5 VERTICAL. It’s the world’s first UV manhole liner that will adapt to the shape of the manhole just by air pressure. This prevents any time-consuming measurements of the manhole in the run to the rehabilitation.

Our special designed stretchable GFR laminate generates three important advantages: 

  • Beforehand, no measurements of the old manhole are necessary: only the size of the manhole opening and the size of the manhole it self are needed.
  • Endless production: with our special production technology, we are able to produce all manhole liners at a stretch for diameters between 800 – 1000.
  • Rehabilitation from the manhole bottom up to the sewer pipe: with a special installation procedure, it is also possible to rehabilitate the bottom of the manhole with our material.

Table of key values

Nominal widths manhole DN 800 & DN 1000
Wall thickness 5-10 mm (1mm steps)
E-Modul 10.000 N/mm²
Ordering length max. 50 m
Mounting Depth max. 10 m
Shaft geometry current only round